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  • 80% Of Consumers Changed Their Minds About A Recommended Purchase Based Exclusively On Negative Information They Found Online
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See Why Business Reputation Repair Is Important

Using Reputation Repair to improve your local business reviews will dramatically increase your success…

It may not be at the top of your “most liked list,” but the fact is social media has willingly opened the door and are ushering consumers in to give feedback – positive and negative – about businesses and products on their internet sites. These reviews could be the deciding factor in your next sale. as a result, it is important to be sure that you have a positive stream of online business reviews being posted so that you develop over time a good local reputation. The degree of success that a company obtains will count on it. Online reputation is becoming more important than it used to be. In the future the impact of online reputation marketing on your company will continue increasing. Now is the time to get ready by developing a 5 star reputation.

With social media comes more studies, and these studies have provided some helpful and interesting information. In 2012, a study was done by Nielsen that surveyed 56 countries around the world, surveying more than 28,000 users of the Internet. Statistics show that out of all those participants, at least 70 percent of them believe what is said in online local business reviews that are left for a service or product. It is worth noting that 72 percent of those users admitted if they read a negative local business review, they will not purchase from the company; even if it is a company they have used in the past. A bad review can not only cost you a potential customer, but it could make you lose current customers as well.

Social proof is a marketing theory that is proving true. The above mentioned Nielsen study confirms it. Social proof is when others (a potential client) relies on the thoughts, beliefs and actions of another individual to decide if they will buy from a company or not. The Nielson study shows that people are more than likely to believe a review about a company, than to actually test the service or product out for themselves. Consumers trust other consumers, and they put their faith in a review.

The better the online rep that a company has, the better your chances are to gain new customers. In order to obtain a positive online rep, a company needs to maintain a steady flow of positive reviews on Google and other major review sites. The process of leveraging your great online rep to get more clients and revenue is called reputation marketing. The simple truth is that a positive online reputation brings in sales, and a negative one turns customers away.

It is a misconception that social proof does not matter for a companies growth, because it does. Reputation marketing is the deciding factor in obtaining lots of future customers.

Potential customers:

Seek out advice about buying your products or services.

Will determine if a bad or positive review is true based on your overall online reputation.

Give the highest consideration in making their decision to reviewers they feel have similar circumstances.

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